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Toraja Arabica Coffee Beans​

Toraja Arabica Coffee Beans are coffee beans that grow in the Toraja region, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This coffee is included in the type of Arabica coffee which has high quality. This coffee bean has a larger size and is oval in shape, with a distinctive bluish green color.
Toraja Arabica Coffee Beans are grown in the highlands of Toraja which has rich volcanic soil and an ideal climate for growing Arabica coffee. The coffee growing process is carried out in the traditional way and the farmers follow strict standards in maintaining the quality and authenticity of the coffee beans.
After picking, the coffee beans are carefully processed so that they are not damaged or contaminated with other materials. The coffee beans are then either dry or wet processed, depending on the processing method used by the farmer. After the processing is complete, the coffee beans are then roasted to produce a unique taste and aroma.
Toraja Arabica Coffee Beans are often used to make high quality coffee which has a rich and classy taste. Due to its high quality and authenticity, Toraja Arabica Coffee Beans are one of the most highly valued coffee products in the international coffee market.
The taste of Toraja Arabica coffee is often described as earthy and nutty, with notes of dark chocolate and caramel. This coffee has become popular among coffee lovers who value its complex flavors and unique origins.

Toraja robusta Coffee Beans​

Toraja Robusta Coffee Beans are coffee beans that grow in the Toraja region, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Unlike Toraja Arabica coffee, Toraja Robusta coffee is included in the Robusta coffee type which has different characteristics.
Toraja Robusta Coffee Beans are smaller in size compared to Arabica coffee beans, with a color that tends to be browner. Robusta coffee plants grow more easily and can grow in various types of soil, including less fertile soil. However, the quality of Robusta coffee tends to be lower than Arabica coffee.
Toraja Robusta coffee has a stronger and bitter taste compared to Toraja Arabica coffee. This is due to the higher caffeine content in Robusta coffee. Nonetheless, Toraja Robusta coffee is still used by some coffee producers as a blend with Arabica coffee to add complexity of taste and aroma to their coffee products.
Toraja Robusta coffee production is not as high as Toraja Arabica coffee production, but Robusta coffee remains an important product in the Toraja area and a source of income for local coffee farmers.


Clove is one of the spices that comes from the clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum) which grows in tropical regions such as Indonesia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and India. Cloves have a distinctive aroma and are very popular as an additive in cooking, medicine, cosmetics and cigarettes.

The clove tree grows about 10-15 meters with large leaves and pink flowers. Ripe cloves are red in color and are usually harvested before they are completely ripe. After being harvested, the cloves are dried so that the clove seeds can be removed. The clove seeds are then separated from the stems and leaves, and sold as a spice.

Cloves contain active compounds such as eugenol, tannins and flavonoids which have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Therefore, cloves are often used as a natural ingredient to treat various ailments such as toothache, indigestion, and colds. In addition, cloves are also used in the cosmetic industry to make perfumes, soaps and toothpaste.

In Indonesia, clove is an important export commodity and a source of livelihood for many farmers. The history of cloves in Indonesia is very long, from the time of Dutch colonialism to the present. Currently, Indonesia is still one of the largest clove producers and exporters in the world.

Cloves Stem

The clove stem is the part of the clove tree that is usually used as fuel for drying the clove flowers after harvest. Clove stems are shaped like wood with a diameter of about 2-5 cm and a length ranging from 10-20 cm.

Aside from being a fuel, clove stems can also be used as a raw material for making charcoal and firewood. Usually clove stems are taken from branches that have been cut down from clove trees that have reached harvest age.

Clove stems have the same properties as wood, which is flammable and generates high heat. In addition, clove stems also produce a distinctive aroma when burned, so they can give a pleasant aroma to food cooked using fire from clove stems.

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